De Fitting Room

Trying on clothes is about more than just mirror selfies. Most of the time we are shopping for an outfit that is going to make us look AMAZING!  But for the most part the reality is . . . trying on outfit after outfit in a claustrophobia-inducing cabin with unflattering mirrors. And, most of the time, someone asking you whether you "need anything" every five minutes. When all you need is to get out of there with something . . . anything . . . that you would want to wear. Fitting rooms are often anxiety-inducing, ego-crushing places. Staring down your image, with everything illuminated by the harsh lighting, can be a real moment of truth. Not all stores have visible mirrors and real doors that close. So, having a bad experience while you're behind some flimsy curtain (that never closes the whole way) can feel like rubbing salt into the wound. But it happens  - a lot. And, the mirror can be treacherous.  We have to look in it from different angles trying to find the best pose and . . . Yay. . or Nay is the order of the day.

Before you throw in the towel. . . let's get a Plan of Attack:
  • Check those tags - Is this item polyester/cotton. Is it washable?
  • Raise your Arms - Are the sleeves constricting? Bind at the elbow?
  • Bend Over - Are your boobs spilling out of that deep Vee? Is your butt visible when you pick up your phone off the floor?
  • Sit Down - Is it cutting into your waist or belly?
  • Take a photo with flash. . . Hello Gorgeous!
  • Stretch it out - Any movement in the fabric?
  • Move Around & dance  - Yes. .this feels comfortable!
  • Inspect the Seams - Stay away from frays & loose threads.
  • Tug gently on Embellishments - Will they make it thru the laundry?
  • It is the Fit not the Size!!! -  Gurl, stop looking at the size tags. Very Important.

We’ve heard far too many stories of friends being body-shamed by salespeople, falling victim to awkward assumptions and rude comments. As well as suffering mishaps with ill-fitting pieces of clothing and the occasional accidental rip. And unfortunately, it doesn’t end there. Now, we're taking back the fitting room and sharing these stories - because sometimes, Instagram is the best therapy.  I have this fitting room saga down to a science - I Take a photo of my try-on in the fitting room, and if I'm not in Love with the look, No can Do.  

I do not care that it is a steal. . . Mi nah get it . . What say You?

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