The OOTD that Wasn't

I have had the dress I'm wearing here since last year from the Old Navy clearance rack, and never wore it. As a mature adult I have always try to wear items of clothing that not only hide the stuff I did not want to show, but clothes I feel Great wearing. And, I was not feeling this dress once I tried it on many months later. Why? The varicosity of my legs. Believe me, I have considered veincare many times, only to accommodate my very low threshold for pain and decided to put that procedure on hold. That was more than seven years ago and now they are more visible than ever. To date I have been very happy wearing Pants/jeans, and all of sudden I'm into dresses again, and with that comes the visibility of my legs. Guess what? I don't care about the ugly no more. . . I am going to show some leg here. Could it be because I just celebrated another birthday? Or is it simply because, I have earned my right as a visible senior citizen to do whatever? Yes. . .Yes & Yes. My style is ever evolving and next year I may not want to wear a dress.

Having options to wear whatever, whenever is what getting dressed is all about and I have plenty to choose from in my closet. However, this outfit never left the parking lot of my house. I had no intention on wearing it out without some dark blue tights. This is just for show and tell. All my photos are WSIYG. My sister takes my pictures with a cellphone and I do not try to edit them. Since I'm transparent on this blog, this photo just goes to show another side of my aging body. I have always written about self love here and as much as I LOVE me some ME, my legs got uglier as I got older and they are not my best feature. Yes. . I am blessed to have these legs carry this body thru thick and thin. But, I do not have to show them to the world if I don't want to. Yet, I'm Grateful to have so many choices.

Funny thing. . . I have no problem showing out when I'm at the pool or beach!  Just Not in shorter dresses, so I usually stick to midi or maxi dresses. I'm sure many of you have some problem areas that you would like to disguise.  Just do It!  If it makes you feel more confident, work it. What do you have to lose?  I have quite a few areas and do try to keep them under cover.  So, here is what I'm hiding under those pants.  What are your pet peeves when it comes to dressing up?

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