Old is New Again

Everyday there is some new skin care must-have on the scene that swears to be the best for all our skincare woes. Most of them have stolen some ingredients from some of the Tried & True powerhouses that graced our Moms and Grannies counters back in the day.  Lets look at a few:
  • Ponds Cold Cream -  During World War II, when Women had to step up and work outside the home. Ponds created their unique duo of Pond’s Cold Cream (the world’s first moisturizer not to require refrigeration) and Pond’s Vanishing Cream helping them retain their grace, softness and femininity in these stressful new roles. Yes, the Cold Cream that also cleanses the skin has been around a long time since and many women still use it.

  • Vaseline - This petroleum goop has been saving our butts since 1870. It has been the diaper rash miracle and has graduated to smoothing elbows and chapped lips.
  • Chanel 22 - The second perfume dreamed up by Coco Chanel came to being in 1922. After much success she created No. 5 as a lighter version and still popular today.
  • Murray's Hair Dressing Pomade - A Chicago barber named C.D. Murray created this waxy, oil-based pomade to tame flyaways and shape curls back in 1925. Still available at beauty supply stores and Walmart.

  • Dove Beauty Bar - Since 1957 this moisturizing cleanser has never strayed from its do-no-harm MO.  And still sells to the tune of 60 bars every second on the daily.
  • Clinique  Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion -  Since 1968 this hyaluronic rich and fragrance free facial cream has stood the test of time. It is still a good seller for the brand and still a fave among all skin types.
  • Batiste Dry Shampoo - The London born rice-starch formula came on the market in 1975 and still has a cult following.
  • Biologique Recherche Lotion P50 1970 - Founded by French biologist Yvan Allouche in 1970. This toner has been a beauty status symbol made from a batch of pheno, vinegar and lactic acid and is very costly. I would not purchase this item, but many users swear by it.

What's better than the thrill of the new? The thrill of those that have been proven time and time again with usage all over the world. There will be more New next year and many more in years to come. But, some of these old favorites will still capture a small piece of the skincare market. I know there are many others that we Baby Boomers know about, and to this day still use.  What is your Fave?

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