Just Four


Four things I’m smiling about this month:-

  • My Quest for a new Christmas Tree was a success and it is up in my living room. At night it gives the room a glow that is satisfaction to my soul.

  • Spending quality time with my Mom. Every Thursday evening I look forward to moving into her house for 4 days. She is happy to see me and I’m happy to see her. What a Blessing. . .
  • I’m loving driving up to my Son’s house just to see the work that has been done on the Viola Project. It’s refreshing to see the changes.

  • My Birthday Week Celebrations. I celebrated chapter 68 days ago and still smiling about it all.  To say I’m Thankful to God for this Life is an understatement. I could never reach this stage in my life if he did not bless me with the BEST.  The Best MotherSister, Son, Nieces, Family and Friends. Thanks be to GOD!

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