Get Your Sexy Back

So many women through no fault of their own are without a partner and/or a healthy sex life. Those who fall into this category is growing in large numbers due to Divorce, EDS & absentee Lovers.  Single Mom's are working hard to put food on the table and neglecting themselves from the pleasure of sex. How many times have you heard this from your girlfriends, relatives or co-workers. - "I am so busy, I just can't even think about sex."  Once you stop thinking about sex, it fades out of your life pretty quickly.  Now, that's not breaking news, but it is true. When you stop remembering what sex -- and feeling sexy -- can do for you, you lose the motivation to make it an integral part of your life. 

Feeling sexual about our partner requires three things according to Sex Therapist Laurie Watson :

First, "we have to forgive them for being human - they are not the perfect, all-giving, inexhaustible resource that we wanted. We must accept that all human love comes with limitations. And we must see our own warts. We too can be difficult to love; perhaps we are the very reason that they are exhausted.
Second, enduring sexual attractedness takes effort. Living with someone - with anyone - takes the shine off. We see them sick, on the toilet, elbow-deep in dirty diapers, tired, cranky, demanding. We Age. No one can live up to their first impression. But at some point, we have to look through to stellar aspects.
Third, love them their way. If it doesn't hurt and is not against your moral code, find a way to embrace their sexual ideas & just Smile when they come in the room".

Whether it's the life-altering presence of erectile dysfunction, a new baby, the stresses of a high-profile job, a to-do list that's toppling over, or you're just stuck in a rut with your lover, it can be challenging to keep the desire alive.  We have all been there.  But, if you can get sex back on your brain, you'll have it back in your bedroom in no time.  And you'll feel happier and more satisfied when you do. So, get your mental mojo moving and get your Sexy Back. . .