Clubbing -  "the activity of going to nightclubs, especially to dance to popular music, drink, and socialize." Clubbing every night can be expensive, not to mention tiring according to

There was a time in my life when Clubbing was "de ting". Dancing and partying was what all single gals did on the weekend and I have done it all.  Our spot back then was Memory Lane and you could always find a dance partner to dance to Reggae & Soca all night long. The last time I went Clubbing was over a year ago when my ride or die partner (my Cousin) was out to celebrate her Birthday. Well, we are ready to go again and this time celebrating both of our Birthdays. Mine on the 22nd and hers on the 26th of this month. Times have changed, now it appears that everyone is packing a Gun instead of chewing gum and cologne, so we are going to need a male escort. Who we gonna call?  She will have to find one since I lost contact with my male friends years ago. This is so out of my current comfort zone but I really do want to go dancing. So we will.

I want to be comfortable, so this is what I'm wearing tonight. The only new item here is the jeans found at Macy's Last Act for less than fourteen bucks. I know these shoes won't let me down because I have danced in them for years, and the Top is warm enough for the cool night air we are experiencing. This is my sixty eighth year on this planet and God has been so, so good to ME. He has blessed me tremendously with fairly good health, a productive brain, family & friends who love me unconditionally, and a monthly retirement check.  I am truly Living my Best Life!

 I wore this top before here and the handbag is also from my closet.


Top - Tracee Ellis Ross for JCP (old)
Jeans - INC
Handbag - Patricia Nash (old)
Shoes - Nine West (old)

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