Mr Sidebar

Mr. Sidebar aka "Man on the Side"  is the ultimate model of selfishness you will encounter. He was not always like this, but time and travel molded him this way. This is the Guy who proclaims his admiration for you and promises the world at your feet.  If you have been an adult for a while, you have met him once or twice. Each time you thought you could spot his kind and each time you were fooled. They know how to camouflage their weaknesses and they are just smooth to the touch.

He wants to be your everything, but on the side and mostly in the darkness of your embrace. This human is not looking for a long time relationship, so do not bother to invite him to your family's christmas party.  If you want to have a man to tickle your Ivories without relationship drama, then this PlaYah  is for You.  Here's the thing. . . Suzy says she wants a Sidebar and later she falls for the bloke because the guy is so good. Now, she wants a relationship and he is not changing. So, here comes the heartache.  Life is tricky like that, you have to accept the choices you make and withstand what gets thrown your way. . .

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