Mr All Bout Me

Many of you, including Me, myself & I have encountered this person before. It is all about HIM and what he has accomplished over the years, what he did for his Momma, his Boss, his frat brother in college & his Ex. He's quick to tell you what he owns, what car he drives and where he is socially on the ladder of success.  My Aunty always said "talk is cheap & bragging carries no weight." But if you want to hear it, he will oblige.  He will not allow you to discuss anything of importance unless it is about his time on earth. You must listen to what he thinks about life and how you should relate.  If you cannot stay interested, how about his latest gadget?

Mr All about Me will never change and his ego is too big to enter thru the side door. He wants to be up front and center in your mind and he doesn't mind refreshing your memory with his superficialities. Hello! You have seen this movie before and cannot beat yourself up if you fell off the chair for this good looker. Just know that any lapse in judgement is temporary and if you continue to entertain him, he will be back on the campaign trail of "Me, Me & I".  You have two choices -  try to live in his world, or move along and add this encounter to that long list of experiences.

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