Mr. Newly Single

Fresh off the ball & chain and into a temporary space, Mr. Newly Single is on cloud nine. He's done with the middle age woman and wants a younger lady. He swears he is not having a middle age crisis and needs:

  • A new apartment far from the suburbs where he once lived.
  • A new ride. Not a Toyota, but a new Mercedes or BMW to use as bait.
  • Sky diving lessons.
  • New clothes. No more stuffy dress shirts and suits.
  • Gotta get some new friends. Not hanging out with those old dudes who have families.
  • Friends who own boats. . bring on the boat parties.
  • A new bank account & credit cards that the past Mrs can't put her hands on.
  • "Jesus please send me some quality young ladies!"

Before you know it, he has to pick up Jr. from baseball and little Suzy needs a drop off to her friends house. Now, he has to cancel his free Saturday evening time with his new found friends. All of this Daddy duty is also preventing him from guyyapping on his cell. Then the unthinkable happens. . and he is called into a school conference, and just can't deal with it. This is not going to work. He thought once he moved out and on with his new life, all this parenting would stop. He only wants to have fun visits with the kids.  After all, his ex-wife always said she did not need him. Now what?

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