Burned by the Ex

And now he suspects all women. . . . including his mother.  “Fool me twice, shame on Me,” might as well be the divorced man’s motto. For the average single woman, this means you could be sitting across the table from a man who has learned to adapt - so that he does not repeat his previous mistakes. OR, a timid source who is just out and about looking to lick his wounds.

Let’s face it, Mr Burned by the Ex first wife may have taught him a lot of what you can benefit from now - remembering the little things,  what not to say,  acts of intimacy, etc. He may hate to admit, but it most likely is true.  On the other side, he may just have too many scars that he keeps stepping on his own foot. A Bitter man is not going to be the happy, lovable, caring person you are seeking when looking for Mr. Right Now.  If he continually keeps harping on the "Ex got everything. . . every single thing," he may need some professional counseling and you are not qualified to take on the job. 
Before Mr. Burned by the Ex can truly love again - he has to have the desire to start over from square one, and be able to sustain a relationship with another human, before he comes knocking. The old saying bears true, "No Good woman leaves a Good Man"!  I don't know about You, but I'm not in the rebuilding mode, and this man needs to do his own repairs.

* Part of the The Mister Series. Have you met Mr Metrosexual and/or the Older Mister*

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