Mr Know It All

I met him 11 years ago and if you haven't you are in for a treat. This man is popular around the pee wee football games, the backyard barbecue at your Uncle's place, the community club, golf club, Bars and Pub groups and very easy to forget. He is not afraid to school his audience and can draw you in easy if you are not on your game. He is quick to tell you everything you want to know about your sex life - how you should raise your kids - what his Daddy used to do - what is going on over at the White house - as well as what Tom, Dick & Harry does round the clock. He will try & talk you down if you let him and thinks he is the best darn thing since peanut butter.

Mr Know-It-All likes to bend your ear and thinks he has a PhD in life experiences. Want to know why you have acid reflux?  Why your BFF is not talking to you?  Why you put on weight?  Why you have him by your side?  Why you look so good tonight?  He has all the answers . .or so he thinks. With so much information swirling around in that little brain of his he can get confused.  And, when he is on a rant you can shut him down when you use some trickery.

Yes. . we all have some trickery up our sleeves. The minute you see he is not on his game usually right after . . or when you catch him in a lie. Bingo! you got him.  Now, you can switch the subject to whatever truth you want find out and he will be singing like parakeet. Just do not let him into your private space!