Mr. I Need More

You may have heard all this before, but just in case you haven't, it is coming to a theater near you. - "My woman does not understand me; my wife is unwilling to have the kind of sex I want; my woman is not turning me on anymore; my wife is too caught up with the kids "; Yady, yady, yah. This kind of man is greedy, selfish and all about his satisfaction. He is Mr. I Need More.

Sounds like your best friend's Man? Cause' this could never be your Man - Right! Not all men are greedy and willing to Love you thru the Good and the Ugly. But, if you give him 100% and he is giving you 50%, then he is falling into the "I Need More" category and you can break his fall. We all talk about what we would do, IF. . .and we do nothing about the BEFORE. So, to control the life we want, we have to be pro-active and not re-active. All the cheating and all the cursing is not going to benefit YOU - the Lady with the plan, the kids and the good job, if you are caught up in it. Love yourself First, be good to yourself and demand the Royal Treatment. He will soon find, that he needs only YOU and nothing more.
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