Mr Fix It

Not long ago you got to meet Mr. Perfect, now let me introduce you to Mr. Fix It. When you first start dating this man he wants to fix whatever ails you - your broken heart,  your sexless life,  your money woes,  your house,  your car, etc, etc. Let him fix all he can before you make him a set of keys.

The minute he thinks that you have fallen for him, his willingness to make the necessary repairs fall short. All of a sudden, he is not a financial planner, nor bank, not a carpenter and not a mechanic. Now, Mr Fix It is only available to do any repairs in the bedroom if he is not busy! Once you notice his behavior pattern and empty promises, prepare yourself to make the necessary changes. Many of us think it's too late because the horse is already out of the barn and you are accustomed to his shadow.

It is never too late - the same way you invited him into your life. Is the same way you can tear up his invitation and reclaim your spot on the sofa. If you've already had his last name printed on your checks (aka Mrs. Fix It) you can still show him the door, but this gets complicated and you may need some legal advice. Get on the move!

Note to self: Let Mr. Fix It ring the doorbell every time.

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