The Tarjaay Exp.

The Tarjaay Experience is the same when I enter the store, I'm only here for one or two items. Today it's to get skincare I saw advertised.  But, I need a cart.  Just as I get a cart the $1 SPOT catches me, and I have to get Thank you cards and books for my Grand Niece and Nephew.  All for $1.00.  I'm not even in the store for 5 minutes, when I get an alert for Cartwheel offers. Gotta check them out before I meander over to my friend Clearance, where there's always something at 30% - 70% off. This section will catch every shopper on a budget & that would be me,  'cause you just never know. . .

Shoes & handbags are on the right when I leave the clothing clearance rack with two items.  Then, the clearance shoes section beckons me to give a look.  I do have a route in the store that takes me pass electronics, books and seasonal clearance items. Wouldn't you know it?  Patio furniture and accessories are on sale.  Patio lights for $3.60 a set each just happens to be in my cart when I get over to the housewares section.

I have a good excuse to stop over in housewares since my new decor project is my Son's house.  I have to view the latest inventory for ideas.  And, can spend a good hour in this section.  Since I'm searching for budget buys, gotta check the endcaps for clearance items.  On to the next.  Since my Tarjaay has a large food section, I always pick up coffee and creamer for my morning addiction and browse the frozen foods section. They stock unusual items like frozen Jackfruit, ready to eat.

Before I get to the personal/cosmetics section there are several tables in the aisle with discount merchandise that beckons.  And just like that I have a few items in my cart. I did not know I needed more deodorant and since toothpaste has a bundle deal, I have to get some for my Mom as well.  Finally get over to the skincare aisle and wouldn't you know it. . . the sale item is not there. New nail polish and hair care items are displayed in the front and every gal that passes by stop to check. After stalking stock personnel, I find out the item is sold out and should be back in a week. Par for the course. .  stuff I came for, are not in my cart.

This place is addictive!  The geniuses who design the store have done their homework in merchandising. Stuff you did not know you needed present itself in clear view, as the rickety cart I am pushing makes it's way down the aisle. None of the two items I went to get are going home with me, and the must have orange nail polish is too good to pass up. How many times have you been to Tarjaay for one thing and come out with plenty stuff? This my friend is the "Tarjaay Experience" and I'm sure you will have more of it in years to come. Big or small, all the stores have one thing in common. You can walk into a Target store and find great merchandise at good prices.  Hungry? Stop at the coffee shop and savor a Latte before you get to walking the aisles. My store has a large Starbucks and they are always busy.  The bathrooms are fairly clean and you just feel at home while trying on Shooze.

Everyone says it. . . if you walk into Target to buy one thing, you'll almost certainly leave with 20 more.

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