Mr Perfect

You know the old joke: Santa Claus, the Perfect Woman, the Perfect Man and the Tooth Fairy get into a car accident - who survives? Answer: the Perfect Woman, because the other three don't exist!  But is that really fair?  Some of us have known men who are nearly perfect (or at least think they are). I think all women have a preconceived notion of who Mr. Perfect is.

If you already have your slice of Perfect, then consider yourself well Blessed.  For me, He is still missing in action. Just finding the perfect date, let alone the perfect Mister has gotten impossible. So, I have stopped looking so that He can look for ME.

Whether you've found your Prince Charming or are still searching for "The One" you know what it takes to make your mind, body and soul scream "I'm in Love!" and should not settle. If you are still on the hunt, look carefully at your list and strike off "Handsome" & "Wealthy". Replace those traits with "Healthy with a Job" and "Single-No Alimony" and check your list twice. So many friends & family members tell us single gals that the "Right One" is out there, so make yourself LOVEABLE and maybe you will find the one that is perfect for YOU.

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