Mr. No Can Do.

How many times have you heard "Girl. I'd like to take you Home" from a voice on a hanging scalpel off a building, or straight out of the sewer hatch when you walked by, and you frowned and started running. You are not about to give the time of day to Mr. No Can Do 'cause he does not have the B.S degree you need or the cash to support you.  How can you know that?

Just because he does not have great dating skills, he could be just what you need - One Love. I remember back in the day when a man wearing "dreads" was considered to be a bum/or nasty and called a "Rasta". (Note: Rastafarian is not a cult. It is a movement & they practice clean living - Google it.) Then, dreads became a hairstyle and all the professional men started wearing it. Now, if you see a man wearing dreads he could have a PhD, be an Actor or Musician with lots of money. So now, they are very welcome in our society.

We as women tend to want certain qualities in Men that are just un-realistic. We want - some other height, body type, or age; some other religious or racial background; some other profession or even geographic location.  And that's it!  Anything less is Mr. No Can Do. Life and Love are pranksters, you never know when/how your soulmate will appear, and if they sneak surprises on us, we need to be ready to roll with the changes. So, make yourself Loveable, keep your eyes & ears open to accept Love when it comes knocking, and Open the damn door!

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