Mr. Flirt

Your Guy is known for his charm. That's why you fell for him! He loves making new friends, but sometimes he goes too far. Do you think you have a Cheater. . . or is it just a little harmless Flirting?

Innocent Behavior: He gawks at girls on TV. - Admiring an attractive person is human nature. He can look, but if it takes attention away from you and he continues to ooh-and-aah! - Flirt Alert!

Innocent Behavior: He attends a party, but the pictures tell a different story. - You stumble on the pictures. A few lap dances and touching the strippers seems like a private party. - Flirt Alert! Were you snooping or did he neglect to mention the Strip Club!

Innocent Behavior: He's got an overly friendly "work buddy" - A female work buddy calling him on night and weekends then being in his face at the office party. - Flirt Alert! ~ ~ Time to ask a few Questions.

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