Mr. Almost Right

Have you been on a lifelong search and just not met your Soulmate? Well here's the thing about "Soulmates" - They're kind of like an Illusion - and Illusions, as you must have noticed by now, are not much in the way of company at night. That's not to say that true Love doesn't exist and you ought to just settle for anyone with basic vital signs like Mr. Almost Right.

It's just that sometime, our romantic ideals get so estranged from reality that they take us further from, rather than closer to, real-life Love. When that happens, it's time to admit a little imperfection into the equation and recognize that most of us can be perfectly happy, with a less-than-perfect someone.

It could be that you haven't recognized your soulmate because you see him as Mr. No Can Do or Mr. Almost Right - almost the right height, body type, or age;  almost the right religious or racial background;  or almost the right profession. Only God knows when the right one will come into your life, and many times Mr. Almost Right can, be the Love of your Life if you really get to know him. But it all takes time and we have to make time to be Loved. The person you never expected to love may bring you more happiness than you ever hoped to find.

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