Mr. Temp

Hello Mister. . . . long time no see. Of course, he looks the other way and hurried on to the next block. He is not about to see You, because he is looking for another to fill the vacant spot in his current life. He is not the average hit & miss Dude, he only flys on the southside of every girls dream.

Smooth talking, good looking, with so much swagger he can get into your head, and a young lady will fall into his arms easy. But, since you are no “young” lady you know how to decipher his moves and silent whispers so you are not his prey. This Month. Last year you fell into his trap because you were not on your game after the 90 day dry spell. Thank God you woke up very early the morning after with a clear head, and saw the picture on your bathroom wall just before you axed him from your life. Yes! That was him. . Mr Temporary. And, he is the same smooth talking, good looker he has always been, just a year older and you so much wiser. This kind of male was not always like that. Somehow, somewhere, somebody caused him to become this “Type T” and due to his shortcomings he can’t seem to find himself. I am no mental therapist or psychologist but I know that his type has been around for years. And, just like me you have seen him around town too. If not, you will very soon or ask your Mother or Aunty. . .

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