Mr If.

You know him. . he's just like your Grandfather, Uncle, Cousin and now he wants to set up at your place. To him your partnership including your sex life is just great - he gets it when he wants it and you never complain. When you suggest to take it up a notch, his reply "If It Ain't Broke don't Fix It".

O.K. - so, he does get you flowers on Mother's day; takes you out to dinner on your Birthday and maybe a night on the town for New Years Eve. But, what about last Saturday night? There was no celebration; dinner was a pizza and bedtime was early, because the big game was on T.V and you could not stand to watch it. When was the last time you had a "Date Night"? The one evening/night weekly or monthly that you try to reconnect and enjoy each other. No kids, No work and No Regrets. Now you say it ain't broke yet, but it's getting some cracks!  Put down your foot and get the glue - - a monthly date night is something to look forward to, and you can plan naughty trysts that will spice up your sex life without asking him. Just take him away from his comfort zone & his favorite recliner. You will be surprised at how much He can fix without breaking something. What do you have to lose. . .

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