We all know that Mr. Right Now is not always a keeper. Even though he may be just what you need right now, he may not be what you need next month. It's hard to figure out if he his worth the investment in just one month, so look at his attributes and take a little time to find out more. Be watchful for the danger signs:

The Mama's Boy
Characteristics: Sweet, but soft: he may have a bit of a belly from mom's home-cooked meals, and/or he may actually live at home.
Why You'll Be Tempted:  He'll watch chick flicks with you.
Why You Should Run:  He's actually already seen them all.
Danger Signs:  He tells you you're the woman his mom's always dreamed of, and wants you to meet her right away.

The Womanizer
Characteristics: Whether he's traditionally handsome or a diamond in the rough, there's just something about this guy that makes you swoon. And he treats women like gold because he loves them -- all of them -- so much.
Why You'll Be Tempted:  He knows how to compliment, woo, and touch to thrill -- especially thrill.
Why You Should Run:  He uses the same routine on every woman he meets.
Danger Signs:  He blanks on your name while you're both naked (it's tough to keep all those women straight).

The Jock
Characteristics: Hunky, tough, always up for a spontaneous game of football, and able to carry off a backwards baseball cap -- sort of.
Why You'll Be Tempted:  Those muscles.
Why You Should Run:  All the hours he spends at the gym bulking up those muscles, not to mention the hours spent gazing at his reflection in the mirror, in store windows, on the back of his spoon...
Danger Signs:  Watches sports on TV constantly, even during sex.

Does any of these match your Mr. Right Now?  Take heed . .

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