Oh! The Places I Could Go


There’s a peculiar joy to finding that hidden-away hotel, the one you haven’t heard of, the one without a brand but with big Personality. That feeling you get when you discover a hotel before the crowd finds it.  How many times have you heard your family say. . “I’m tired of the crowds at the popular hotels, and so over the buffalo stampede on the cruise ships!” There are so many other places to vacation, and the Caribbean is filled with the kinds of under-the-radar properties. Spots that invites exploration. Character-filled properties with fully developed identities that have that x-factor.  Ready to discover?

Secret Bay, Dominica:  Tucked away on the unspoilt nature island of Dominica, Secret Bay is an award-winning boutique resort with just six sustainable luxury villas immersed in nature and designed to capture the luxury of time and space. With intimate and personalized service that caters to guest preferences and privacy, Secret Bay is the perfect getaway for a Caribbean honeymoon, private beach wedding or otherwise secluded holiday of a lifetime. Local hotelier Gregor Nassief’s villa resort remains one of the ultimate experiences in the Caribbean, with some of the most spectacularly designed rooms anywhere. It’s modern, it’s luxurious, it’s elegant but it’s also impossibly cool.

O:LV Fifty Five, San Juan:  Standing out from the massive resorts, O:LV Fifty Five is the new sister hotel (or more like its sleek, tall, handsome brother) of O:live Boutique Hotel. Located right between the Condado Lagoon and steps from the beach, and with loads of city swagger. The hottest and coolest, new hotel in Puerto Rico is this impossibly stylish 26-room boutique hotel in San Juan’s hopping Condado district. This all-suite property has a stunning two-tiered rooftop pool deck.

Guana Island, BVI:   There’s a mysterious, intriguing, tantalizing quality to this private island in the British Virgin Islands, where its whitewashed cottages work in tandem with the stunning environment. This is Mecca for those who love the natural wonders of the region, for those in search of that all-too-hard-to-find quality: stillness.  You can rent a room, a villa or the entire island for a group of 42 persons. Oh. . the places I would sleep here.

Skylark, Negril : The hottest new hotel in Negril in years is this colorful, breezy spot, with a pristine stretch of white sand, quirk, funky rooms and, perhaps most importantly, the first Caribbean outpost of New York institution Miss Lily’s, the energetic Jamaican eatery. To Skylark in Jamaican slang/dialect; is to “laze about, idle, goof off, lollygag, dilly-dally, tarry, engage in shenanigans, tomfooleries”.  The fun and relaxed atmosphere engages the guests in Jamaica’s rich cultural history.  The soundtrack you hear all day is an ever-present, ultra-educated mix of Jamaican music spanning the decades.

Marigot Bay, St Lucia:  This is another side of Saint Lucia, tucked away in the island’s most beautiful bay. Home to the island’s most desirable marina is the perfect setting for a luxurious vacation in the Caribbean. With two infinity pools, a swim-up bar, a Rum Cave, and a variety of beautifully designed Guest Rooms and Suites.  It’s a true Saint Lucian experience: the food, the beach, the rum, the warmth of the people. And then there are the gorgeous rooms, most of which come with their own private outdoor jacuzzis.

The Fred, St Croix:  It was a game-changer for St Croix when it debuted in 2017, and now the ultra-hip boutique is one of the US Virgin Islands’ halo hotels. An eclectic fusion of historic and contemporary, this adults-only getaway is a portal to Frederiksted, a town which is quickly becoming a hotspot in its own right.

LTC Beach Hotel:  If you love the Caribbean and haven’t been to Grand Case, St Martin. Well, it’s time to go. The beloved French Caribbean beach town has made a comeback, and that means the spectacular culinary offering, the quirky food shacks and the bustle have returned. That includes this tiny but chic offering in the heart of Grand Case Boulevard, with light but forward-thinking design and hard-to-match ocean views.

Manapany St Barth:  The newest addition to St Barth’s hotel scene is this Anse des Cayes retreat, a hotel that delivers the requisite St Barth luxury but does so in a refreshingly unpretentious, colorful and laid-back manner. The rooms are full of personality (especially the toes-in-the-sand options) and the spa is as good as it gets in the Caribbean.

Baoase Luxury resort :  We just can’t get enough of this luxury resort in Curacao that marries Bali-inspired design with the incessant energy of the Dutch Caribbean. The rooms are jaw-droppingly beautiful, with the food and the service to match. Caribbean Luxury.

True Blue Bay:  Grenada is getting hotter as a destination – but if you want the authentic Grenadian experience, try this quirky, family-run boutique with its diverse collection of colorful rooms and villas. An on-site waterfront eatery that’s one of the most popular spots on the island. Located on the South Coast, this unique and colorful resort is set among tropical gardens and overlooks the spectacular waters of True Blue Bay. Within a short distance of island activities, beaches, restaurants, shopping and the airport, you can easily enjoy all the island has to offer.

Atlantis Hotel Barbados:  While it’s best known as a surf town, Bathsheba, Barbados is far more than that: it’s a rugged, raw, mystical place. And, the historic Atlantis is a way to tap into that energy, with charming rooms, terrific food and a view toward the special spirit of the island’s east coast. This is a timeless hotel, in a Barbados you never knew existed. This hotel is located in the quaint fishing village of Tent Bay, St. Joseph overlooking the spectacular Atlantic Ocean. Enjoy nature walks along the old, railway track, hike through the clay hills, surf the world class break at Soup Bowl or explore the nearby botanical gardens. Check In and “Check Out”.

Every vacation starts with inspiration, and it always comes from that daydream. . an afternoon spent on a beautiful shoreline, a moment of waves, palms and perfect sand. Then . . Where is the best beach my money can buy for a couple of days?  YES the Caribbean is unquestionably home to the most beautiful collection of beaches anywhere on earth, and every beach lover seeks them out. Ranging from tiny sandbars to miles-long stretches of coastline, there are many fantastic spots off the beaten path. Sure, we love the food and the culture the Caribbean has to offer and there is so much Caribbean to be explored. Take your time.  Find your spot, then visit again and again.

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