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There are three things that make a Wedding a Party. Good Food, Good Booze and Good Music. We’ve all been to one of those weddings where the DJ wasn’t quite reading the crowd and the dance floor was kind of a dud. And, you have seen live bands that cannot hold down the floor with music that gets tired.  First they play the tunes that they know well and have to replay them over and over again to stretch out the night. Or, the DJ/Band starts to take requests from the guests and forgot about the bridal party playlist. Before you book a DJ or a Band you need to do some research. Today, I'm tackling one of the most popular planning questions: How to keep your dance floor packed and keep your guests grooving all night long?

Hire the right DJ or Band
First things first - talk to your friends, family, and coworkers who recently got married or who have been to a lot of weddings within the past year and ask for their recommendations. Chances are someone will know a great DJ or Band who is willing to work with you. Most music pros will come up with a set list with you, and will be able to show you some example of weddings they’ve done. Remember to take the time to curate a playlist with meaningful songs as well as crowd favorites. I would want to visit them in action at a venue before I hire them.

Get the party started. . and keep the dance floor going.
The most important thing to remember about the dancefloor, is that you have to appeal to a large crowd who will have varying music tastes. You want to create an environment of music that the majority of people know and can dance to. Stick with popular pop hits and classic jams that guests of all ages can dance and sing along too. If you want to keep the dance floor going on all night, keep slow jams to a minimum. Whether or not you want to include classic wedding songs is totally up to you.
Stick to your Culture
The Bride & Groom families are from Ireland.  Therefore, the majority of their guests are going to be from their culture. Why would you want to hire a Soca band to play all night long?  Chances are the band will only know a few songs that the crowd can enjoy and it will be a long boring session. Do yourself a favor by sticking to the music You know & love, and your guests will enjoy the party.

Stay within your Budget
You must have budget limits when planning a wedding or you will lose your mind. If you budgeted $500 for a DJ and you find a good Band for $1,500. Step back and sleep on it before you sign on the dotted line. Adjustments are always necessary for every budget and you will have to choose where to get the extra grand from. Talk to your Uncle Syl before you decide.

Last but not Least - Visit some of the venues that the DJ or Band is entertaining, and pay attention to their performance before you book them. Did they engage with the audience?  Was the music clear - no scratches?  And of course, did you really enjoy the session?

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