It’s been three years this month since the first blog post was published on this site.  But, I had been blogging on blogspot since 2010 under the name Kurves. It feels like yesterday that I started blogging. Thanks so for much for visiting and leaving me kind notes. They are truly appreciated. I still remember how hard it was to choose a name for this blog, because as much as I loved Kurves it was not ideal. I wanted something catchy, but easy to remember. . . and I wanted something that represented me. That’s how Madam Too Much came about  – It was an alias given to me by Niece Shay many years ago and it just stuck.  I have learnt so much about blogging via WordPress and, even though I know there’s still a lot I haven’t tackled, I’m quite happy with where this journey has taken me. Probably the thing I like the most, is meeting other Bloggers.

Confession #1: I am NOT a Fashionista or a Brand Expert.

My expertise is not in the latest Fashion or Trends. Actually, I’m an expert at retiring without a safety net. Wearing whatever I want and shopping on a strict budget. I’m in my sixties and that means that I can’t keep up with those young bloggers in their 30’s. Does this disqualify me to write a lifestyle blog?  NO. I have lived on this earth for a minute. Can I write about my fashion choices? You bet I can.

Confession #2: I have moments when I dislike myself.

To say that I never struggle with myself would be a lie. I have learned to NOT compare my talents or beauty to others. But, there are moments when I struggle with achieving a healthy lifestyle. For that I get disappointed. The beauty in this is, that I don’t have to live being controlled by that guilt and self doubt. I have taken some steps to overcome this, sooner than later.

Confession #3: I love the Sisterhood connection thru this space.

What I definitely know is that I am an expert at being ME. God has given me the confidence and assurance to be ME. I embrace my shortcomings, live a life of Gratitude and Refuse to be Invisible.  We pass thru this way but once, so live your life well and make everyday memorable.

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There is more to come. . so Stay Tuned.


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