Print Mixing is very fashionable these days, but back when I was growing up it was frowned upon. The minute my Mom saw me in this outfit she laughed and said. . ."yu look like jonkonnu".  (Jonkonnu was a masquerade/street parade that was prevalent in Jamaica in the 40's and 50's and revelers wore costumes). Clearly, she has no idea about fashion. This is my first attempt at print mixing and it came together after I was inspired by a blogger in a polka dot jumpsuit.  I have had these polka dot pants for two years and never worn them, they just never seem to play well with others in my closet. Once I found this top on the clearance rack, they got along well.  The handbag was a great buy from Charming Charlie's clearance rack last year. My Cuzin tried to discourage me from purchasing it so she could get it and that just did not happen.