Skin Vitamins

We all want beautiful hair, skin, and nails, but sometimes it takes more than a healthy diet. There are tons of beauty supplements on the market that promise to target these specific zones, but it can be difficult to determine what works and what's all talk. .where nutrition meets beauty.  All I know is, that as we grow older beautiful clear skin is hard to maintain regardless of genes. That’s because as we age, many things change in our bodies that are out of our control.  Before you consider dermal fillers or other injectables, you should look at all your options. Fillers & injectables ain't all dat!  It’s true that injectables can sometimes help fill in wrinkles and get rid of frown lines or laugh lines. But they don’t always work as intended and there can be a number of risks involved.  There are plenty of natural supplements out there to help fight wrinkles and aging while boosting moisture and radiance, you just have to make the effort and be consistent
Vitamin A: This antiaging powerhouse helps prevent clogged pores, increases radiance, improves skin tone and stimulates collagen production. For "A less wrinkly you".  Topical medical grade vitamin A is the form that makes a real difference in your skin. Medical studies show a reduction in lines and wrinkles, good acne control, and some psoriasis relief, all from using creams containing this nutrient. Vitamin A is most available as retinoic acid, retinol or retinaldehyde. The prescription version - retinoic acid (Retin A) is stronger than the version you can buy over the counter. But, if you use any form of vitamin A consistently you should get some results. Please keep in mind that some of the results have some side effects like redness, flaking and irritation. So, you must consult your MD before using.
Vitamin B: After vitamin A, the next best thing for your skin is B3. It can do many of the same things as A, but a little more aggressive, plus reduce redness.  B3 is usually found in skincare as Niacin or Niacinamide and they help skin retain moisture. These creams can help give skin an almost instant healthy glow while hydrating cells and increasing overall tone. Niacin also has anti-inflammatory properties to soothe dry, irritated skin. In higher concentrations it can also work as a lightening agent to even out blotchy skin tone, and is best used in the mornings.  Biotin is also an essential B vitamin, known as vitamin B7, that helps promote beautiful skin, as well as healthy nails and hair. Researchers also think that Biotin works to reduce the death of skin cells, which is definitely a good thing.
Vitamin C:  This great multitasker vitamin is a powerful antioxidant combating skin-damaging free radicals caused by sun exposure and pollution. It helps to boost collagen formation and helps to fade dark spots and discoloration.  The trick here is to use a formulation containing the L-ascorbic acid form of vitamin C, the only one that can penetrate skin layers and do the job. Vitamin C is unstable and loses its potency quickly when exposed to light or air. So, look for serums in dark bottles and store them in the dark.
Vitamin E: This vitamin is a natural antioxidant that protects skin from damage by neutralizing nasty free radicals. it also combats dryness by creating a layer that helps retain moisture. This vitamin show up as tocopherol or tocopheryl acetate in skincare products. It also, should be stored in the dark.

Beyond Vitamins and Minerals:  Some more new skin research looks beyond vitamins and minerals to other nutrients that when taken internally or applied topically can have remarkable effects on your skin.
Alpha-Lipoic Acid. A powerful antioxidant, hundreds of times more potent that either vitamin C or E, alpha-lipoic acid may turn out to be a super boost for aging skin. What makes it so special, say skin experts, is its ability to penetrate both oil and water, affecting skin cells from both the inside and the outside of the body. Most other antioxidants can do one but not both.
Hyaluronic Acid. Also known as sodium hyaluronate, is undoubtedly one of the best supplements for beautiful skin. This compound has incredibly strong moisture-retaining properties, so it’s no wonder that it helps keep your skin looking young. Made by the body, this nutrient's main job is to lubricate joints so that knees, elbows, fingers, and toes all move smoothly and easily. Research shows it also plays a role in skin cells, acting as a kind of glue that helps hold them together, keeping skin looking smoother and younger. Another plus is its ability to hold water, up to 1,000 times its weight, which means more moisture in each skin cell. Unfortunately, there are some important skin care products that you should NOT mix or apply together. See this video by Sharon found by me to be very helpful. Of course, everyone should consult their Dermatologist if they have any questions.
The excitement is focused not only on creams and lotions you put on your skin but what you put into your body as well. Health experts say that vitamins and minerals in all forms play an integral role in a healthy complexion, whether the source is food, supplements, or even a jar of cream.  "Your skin is the fingerprint of what is going on inside your body, and all skin conditions, from psoriasis to acne to aging, are the manifestations of your body's internal needs, including its nutritional needs," says Georgiana Donadio, PhD, DC, MSc, founder and director of the National Institute of Whole Health in Boston. It's all beneficial to your skin when you do your research, and figure out what your skin needs. What is good for my skin is not always good for yours. . .we are unique like dat!

Just think of your skin as your beloved pair of jeans. At first, the denim fits nice and tight.  Then, after some wash & wears they start to change. They no longer hug your butt, get baggy at the knees, some holes appear and they fade or get discolored. The same sort of thing happens to your skin as you get older. Age definitely takes its toll. Less collagen and elastin makes it difficult to maintain beautiful, youthful skin. Even worse, exposure to the sun’s UV rays causes serious skin damage that accumulates over time. . Sunscreen, sunscreen, Sunscreen!! We all wish that the magic of youth could be sold in a bottle. If it were possible, it would be so expensive that I would not be able to afford it. Therefore, I'm determined to age magnificently and continue to enjoy this blessed life.  What say you?