If you have been here before, then you know about my love affair with ORANGE. This color has been my favorite for more than twenty years and I never get tired of wearing it. Orange is all over my bedroom, bathroom and has taken over my closets. Still, every year I look for another piece to compliment what I already have. If the stores knew about this love affair, they would feature it in the windows where I shopped and bet on my money. I'm kinda happy they don't. You all know when you see an article of clothing that makes you swoon, you grab it and do not care about the price?  Not me.  As much as I grin from ear to ear at such an item, ride it around in my cart all thru the store, it has to fit my wallet. This Kimono gave me all the feels and it was $19.99. Bingo!. . you got me this time Marshall's and I'll continue to come here every week to be inspired.

I am still pairing it with other colors in my closet and it was money well spent.

This straw handbag was purchased from the Straw market in Ocho Rios, Jamaica last year and making its debut.

The Shooze are another oldie but goodie,

 and the white pants have been worn many times.

::  Deets ::

Kimono - Flying Tomato
Top - Old Navy (very old)
Pants - Style&Co (very old)
Shooze - Nine West (very old)
Handbag - Jamaica Market

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