Types of People

There are Three types of people in our inner circles, who will serve as some of our most significant resources. When we take on adult life and decide to walk ourselves down the path towards self growth, professional growth or romantic growth, we may need some of these people. People to Listen to, take Advice from, accept Love from or just Follow their lead.  While it is necessary for our metal health, growth, and expansion to distance ourselves from those who are toxic, we should never lose sight of how they came into our lives. What brought them in, what kept them around and how they may or may not affect us going forward.
Your Teachers
The Teachers in your life, are the ones you should be watching and listening to. They are those close to you, who you respect and admire, and who you can see are operating successful lives. You value your relationship with them and respect their intelligence and their mindset. If you pay attention, they will be the ones to offer the nuggets of wisdom you never you knew you needed, to supplement your efforts in self growth, or growth in any area. You just listen and learn.  You may not have comparable characteristics possessed by the “Teachers” around you but, the value in their presence and their actions, will cause you to question your perspective.

Your Helpers
Willing, able, and ready to shake things up -  these are the traits that describe the "Helpers" in your life. These people are willing and able to support you in a very physical way. Your Helpers are those in your life who want to help and they intend to help, and even more so, they are ready to take action with you. These are the ones you can lean on, as they will hold your hand through each baby step.  All you have to do is ask.

Your Cheerleaders
They may not be aligned or may not understand your current visions and goals. But the great thing is, the "Cheerleaders" in your life don’t have to. Your Cheerleaders are the people in your life who offer you their unconditional love and support no matter the path you choose. They are there to cheer you on, even if your aspiration is to invent a new way to drink water. These are the people in your life that soothe your soul - they lift you up and they help you maintain your “high”. They will never accept a word of doubt from you and will always propel you forward, with their love.
All of those who come into your life are there for a reason. Those who want You to shine will stick around and those who are there to test you will walk out when they can't win you over.  Never let those who are not "your people" hang around. Push them out.  And, before you open the door and invite others . . .

Who do you Aspire to be?

The one that make things happen.
The one who watch things happen.
Or, the one who asks, what happened!