Is Love Blind?

Last weekend TLC started a three-part dating series Hear Me, Love Me, See Me. The show “takes physical attraction completely out of the equation and encourages those looking for love to focus on getting to know potential suitors before they see what they look like,” according to TLC.
Over the course of just one day, one eligible bachelorette will meet three single men, using only POV cameras and streaming technology. She'll get to see everything they see, and talk directly to them - but neither will see what the other person looks like. The men will plan special "dates" that represent their individuality and what their daily life is like. At the end of the day, the woman must decide who has won her heart based solely on lifestyle, personality and emotional chemistry. She is required to write the name of the guy she selects and put it in a closed box by the host of the show.  Later she gets to meet all three men face-to-face, and only then will they get to see each other. The new couple will go on a date to determine if they truly do connect.
The first woman blindly searching for love was 27 yr old Merissa, whose dating pattern consists of bad boys but is looking for someone who will be accepting of her five year-old daughter.  The guy she picked parlayed his affection with three 4 & 5 year old's from his Karate class and she got to see his interactions with these boys. All thoughts went to how this man would interact with her little girl. And, she chose him over the others, even though one of the men she video dated was a single parent. That man did his homework and he knew that her daughter was of major importance to her and he worked it. I bet if she had not seen him cuddle the 3 little boys, he would not have had a chance. You could tell that she was not elated at this guy's appearance at the reveal, and the other two men looked great. Just in case you want to see more, here's a little peek into this new show.

When we first meet someone, we are on display at our finest. We wear attractive clothes, act appropriately, and try our best to convince the other person that we are a ‘winner’ who would be a good catch. Once we hook them, we let our guard down and start to let it all hang out.  After a while, we all let our true colors shine through. Anything that would have annoyed or been disgusting to us & our partner when we were dating, suddenly gets displayed in real time and it's all okay.

This is when Love does seem to become blind. Could you imagine if you were to display these traits in the beginning of the relationship? Most of us wouldn’t make it past the second date!  After the relationship has progressed and we fall hard, we are all able to look past the small things that would otherwise turn us off. . . because love makes us, in essence, blind to those faults and allows us to be accepting of that person, flaws and all.  Then we continue on and believe that we can mold/change them with time. Let's be clear. . that is one of the few times, that time is not on our side. What say you?  I can't wait to read your thoughts. . .