Get a Bridal Buddy

Have you seen this new Bride-Must-Have item on Shark Tank or Steve Harvey show?  Like, where has this product been when my Niece Cami was a bride and needed to use the bathroom after 5 hours in her dress?  It took two of us to anchor her dress in the small stall just so she could empty her bladder. This has been a problem for Brides for years who just needed to go without getting naked in a public restroom. Now there is a Bridal Buddy. The only slip on the market today that helps brides and women in elaborate special occasion gowns, use the bathroom on their own without damaging their pretty dress.

Save your bridesmaids! Get yourself a Buddy - a BRIDAL BUDDY!

Founded by a woman named Heather who worked at a bridal shop in Trexlertown, PA., who went from bagging dresses to being a consultant. Then in early 2015, after putting her dreams on hold to raise a family, Heather found an early prototype sitting on the floor in the basement. She launched her product at a local radio station with a Facebook video that quickly garnered over 200K views. Bridal Buddy® went on to win "Best New Product" at David Tutera's Your Bridal Experience Show in Philadelphia and the rest is history.

According to the Bridal Buddy website. . ."Bridal Buddy has an elastic cord that can fit the smallest waist, yet when stretched completely open, extends to 4 feet wide! They have your size covered.  If you can tie your shoes, you can use a Bridal Buddy".  Brides must give it a few practice tries before their wedding. Just like your wedding shoes, you've got to break them in and they'll feel just right. If you have a lot of layers or a large train, you may still  need a little help getting all of that dress in the Bridal Buddy. Currently, the Bridal Buddy is available in white or black. At a cost of $39.95, there is one that works best for brides, prom, pageant & formal wear.

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