This is the Second Blogiversary of Madam Too Much.  Many Thanks to all of you who take the time to visit, leave comments and/or read my musings. I have enjoyed creating in this space. Although I have been blogging since 2010, the past two years have been a blessing to me.  This blog is the best Therapy that I can afford and I'm so grateful for the friendships cultivated here. Recently, I did a overhaul on the blog, put my DIY skills to the test & I'm kinda happy with the new decor.  Yes. I am that gal who likes to redecorate every so often & change my surroundings.  A lot. My Sistas already know this about me. So, this will not be the last revision. When boredom enters my space, I have to do something substantial. Usually some retail therapy does the trick, but not lately.  As much as I loved the MTM Peacock, I kinda got tired of it.  Yes. . it meant a lot to me in re-inventing myself from the old Kurves.blogspot to Madam Too But like everything else, change was gonna come.

So, it was decided that a slight blog revision including a new Logo may just do the trick.  The Peacock Logo . . . . . Being “too much” is associated with “Proud as a Peacock“. . . Thus, someone who is “proud as a peacock” is similarly “too much”. . . . . was relative to me then and still does today. I'm just as proud as ever (like 5 Peacocks proud!) but free peacock prints are hard to come by and I could not DIY a good representation. Really!

A unique logo was always what I wanted, not a copy or a picture with a name on it. I did not have the budget to purchase art work and not about to spend my gift money. Besides, I blog for Fun & this blog does not produce any income for extravagant spending.  Instant gratification from a DIY is always so good for the soul, and this soul was in need. So, I spent two days trying to design something and this logo was born. The next day after breakfast I was ready for more, and worked on several optional logo variations, created some gifs for the sidebar and added a new photo.

As of yesterday, I was still making changes but I love the color scheme now. This blog is a work in progress, and I can assure you that there will always be changes. I certainly hope you are not dismayed by my because I really live in the Now & this is just how I roll.  Thanks for stopping by and reading this mumbo jumbo.  What do you think of the decor?

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