This past Sunday was the beginning of the week long closing of another year. The year was just as exciting as previous years and full of contentment, even with some hiccups along the way. As with every year end closing, the closing agent must review the prior 12 month period leading up to the closing. Here are the closing remarks:
  • December 2016 showed an increase in spending due to gift giving.
  • January reported a minor adjustment to income due to Govt. miscalculation.
  • February showed an increase in spending for Jamaica Trip.
  • March showed a carry over from expenses of February.

  • April showed no changes.
  • May showed a small increase from Poshmark sales.
  • June showed  a slight decrease in spending.
  • July showed no funds carried over.

  • August showed another minor increase from Poshmark sales.
  • September was a total loss due to vacation & spending at end of summer sales.
  • October showed significant spending for auto repairs.
  • November showed a decrease in income. Thanks Medicare.

Overall, Year 65 was not a total loss. I was able to take 2 vacations in Jamaica W.I. and enjoyed both trips immensly.  There were no profit & loss reports due to the averages of income/expenses being erratic. As in previous years, it appears that more emphasis was placed on entertainment during the year and enjoyed by many. However, the year end shows no carry over funds. This should be corrected going forward. Staggering prices and the GDP did not provide for a cost of living increase. One personal goal was not met due to an average weight loss of 0.0 lbs. The forecast for the new year will see an increase in expenditures due to continued auto repairs.  Thanks be to God for his Mercies. . .

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