DIY Diets

You don't have to go very far to get weight loss advice. If you're close to your computer - or even your smartphone - you'll find plenty of diet tips, exercise guidance and weight loss support. But sorting through the good and the bad websites for weight loss can be tricky. Every new year a new crop of weight loss programs show up, because more than 60% of Americans say they want to lose weight. We all have good intentions but most of us don't stick to these printed plans, according to market research. In fact, the most popular & successful weight loss programs today are the ones we make up ourselves. Due to aging, a sedentary lifestyle as well as new found medical conditions, I have to bite the bullet and take off a few pounds to live a full healthy life. Also, my Sista Robin has inspired me to start watching what I put in my mouth. So, I have been researching diets for the past two months and thought I would share them here. .

Before you start any diet, you should to talk to your Doctor about your weight, as well as any underlying health problems that may be associated with your weight, if you believe you are overweight. The first step to any weight loss program whether it's a DIY or the Whole 30 plan is to determine exactly where you are at now.  What is your reason to start a diet?  Do you want to weigh a certain number on the scale; avoid future medical conditions;  do you want to fit into a size 8 dress;  or do you just what to be Healthy to live a full Life??  Be truthful with yourself and make the correct answer. Then, do your research and find a diet plan that will be for your benefit. Not for the benefit of others. For YOU and YOU alone.

Setting realistic and achievable short/long term goals is the next stage after assessing where you currently are, with regards to your weight and general health. The simplest weight loss goal that most people set, is to achieve a certain weight or amount of weight loss by a specific date. For example: "I will lose 6 lbs in the next six weeks" or "I will weigh xxx lbs by 2018", etc.  The key is to take a few proven weight loss tricks and personalize them," says Lisa Young, PhD, a professor of nutrition at New York University. So, rather than adapting your life to fit a set of rules, you adapt the rules to fit Your life.

Do you prefer to eat three, five, or six meals a day? Once you determine your desired eating schedule, divide your calories accordingly. How much time will you devote to food preparation? If you hate to cook, or have limited time, you'll need to simplify the preparation of healthy, fresh, and lightly processed foods. What type of support, and how much, do you require? Everyone needs some cheering on to succeed, especially when the initial enthusiasm for changing bad habits begins to wane. Do you love to dine out? You'll need to account for restaurant food by seeking out the calorie counts of the foods you eat most often.

In my research, I found that there is no "One Diet fits All" and everyone has to choose which diet, will give them the result they want and at what cost. I'm a very picky eater and there are so many food groups that I will not eat. Poultry such as Chicken, Turkey, Duck & Fowl will not meet these lips and just about every diet on the market today includes this type of protein. Therefore, a DIY diet is going to be the best diet for me. This of course, will include careful planning and lots of journaling to find the perfect foods that will give the right result. No one says everything in life is gong to be easy. . .

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Unless you have an identical twin, you have a unique body with its own set of dietary issues. One great diet that works for many of your friends may not work so well for you. Before you jump into anything, you need to accept reality. That means you have to know you won’t achieve any fat loss goals in a short period of time.  Going cold turkey will only cause cravings.  Make sure you plan for a transitional period & don’t jump head first into your new diet.

Just as with any diet, you want an exercise routine that you can sustain, grow with, and even enjoy. Take your time and let your confidence build as you grow stronger.  You don’t have to spend tons of time exercising, but you can’t ignore physical activity because you’ve chosen a healthier diet. The two go hand-in-hand.  Truth be told, I cannot afford to lose too much weight because I have an extensive wardrobe that I cannot replace, on my now fixed income. So, I am not going on a Diet. I am going to Eat Healthy! And, I also know that I can’t walk the malls and live off Bread, if I want to enjoy a long full life. So off I go. . .