NOW. . . It is never too early to start. Do not wait until you hit 50 or when you see the fine lines, wrinkles or sagging skin to start. I did not start until the droopy, hooded eyes appeared in my mirror.  Fine lines and wrinkles showed up long before, but they did not bother me. Now, I am researching products constantly looking for trial & error youtubers on a weekly basis. It is never too late to spring into action to help aging skin but kinda late for baby boomers like me to start preventative care. . .

Start Wearing Sunscreen SPF 30+ Every Day.

Don’t Sleep in Your Makeup.

Lead a Healthy Lifestyle.

Develop a Daily Anti-Aging Skin Care Routine.

It's never too early to start using anti-aging skincare items in order to prevent premature aging of the skin, but choosing your products according to your age is still important in order to get the correct care.  A generally effective anti-aging routine should consist of serums, day and night cream, hydrating cleanser and an exfoliator.
• Age 18-25: Prevention through sun protectors with a medium to high SPF, a healthy lifestyle and tailored skincare routine with lighter products and antioxidants.
• Age 25-35: Light signs of aging repair through hydration, stimulation of collagen production and sun protection to prevent liver spots - especially during pregnancy. Active anti-aging ingredients can be introduced to revive skin and regular exfoliation will ensure a quicker renewal of the skin.
Young women (18-32 age group) also called Millennials are excited lately about going BRALESS . Is this news?  Not really. This no bra co...