HELLO 2017. . . and, just like that we enter into another year dragging the good remnants of 2016.  I am taking, the confidence that I have built upon & the Love affair I still have with myself into this new year, and expect everything to just fall in line. I am not setting goals or making resolutions, because I am just living and loving my life. I did purchase a planner to jot down my ideas and important dates, as I seem to forget the appointments that are not of the fun variety (Dentist & Drs.). So, it was a balmy 79 degrees on the 31st and a couple of us went to Brunch. Later that night, eleven family members gathered at my Mom's house for rum punch and champagne, where we danced to Reggae & Soca all the way into 2017.  

At 1:00 A.M. we all went to the Isle Casinos to enjoy the festivities there and play the slots. My Aunt was the big winner and I brought home the money I took there. Anytime we go to the casinos and come back home with our money, we call that a Great night morning.

So that's how we rang in 2017. Lots of laughter, lots of rum punch and lots of whine up.

Welcome 2017. Please be good!