If you follow this blog, then you know that I am now a card carrying ole gal. Thank God I made it to sixty five and still trying to be forty on Saturday night. Thru the years, I have come to understand what works for my body, and that I cannot wear a bikini ever again. No problem. I wore one every summer for many, many years and have a photo somewhere. Aside from that, here’s what I know now. . . . .

  • That I am worthy of the very Best of EVERYTHING!!  And so do You. We are all Stars in the galaxy and some of us shine brighter than others, but we all SHINE. Let no one, nobody, dull your shine. . .
  • That We all deserve Respect. We deserve To be Loved and Loved unconditionally. Yes! I deserve everything I’m blessed with.


  • You cannot find Love if you are always searching for the perfect mate. There is NO such human. No one, not even the person you are married to for 10+ years is Perfect, and we have to exist on this earth accepting each others faults.
  • You have to be Loveable in order to be Loved. That sour pus attitude you have, will not take you anywhere. And, all that bitterness you allowed in your life is going to cut into you like a knife. I love all the bumps & lumps on my forever aging body and I truly love the life I am living right now. And, I am ready to be loved again.
  • I used to say I’m sorry for every darn thing. . .if it rained, if my friend had a bad day, etc. etc.  I ain’t sorry no more. I am so Happy to be alive. . . When I get out of bed, I am so Thankful to God for waking me up.sam0883
  • Body confidence is something you Live. Not just words in print. You can wear any piece of clothing you want, if it makes you feel good and step out in confidence. I wear whatever I can afford, with reckless abandon and not stopping now.  If you feel good, then you will look darn good.
  • I can shop in every department of my favorite stores & clothing Size does not matter. Only the fit does. . and the number on the tag can be removed as soon as I find the scissors. I shop everywhere and in every store in my shopping vicinity. ‘Cause you never know where that jacket or handbag may be waiting for me.

  • There is no such thing as Old & Frumpy. The word Frumpy does not exist in my vocabulary and I refuse to look older than my age. . .which is still whatever number I choose. . .today I might be 50 and tomorrow I may be 40. It is not that serious!


  • My fashion choices are based on the. . look good/affordable/fit good philosophy, in that order. It has to look good and be affordable before I try it on. It does not make sense to love something You cannot afford.
  • Trendy fashion is not always for Me, because I only shop Sales & Clearance racks, and by the time it hits the sales rack, it’s already out of style. Therefore the swimsuit I got on sale is for next summer.
  • I love a good DIY and can still sew. But, I find fabric shopping quite difficult. Good quality fabric is very expensive and the costs outweigh the manufactured item found on the clearance rack.


  • Sometimes you have to let shit go. That friend who always want to borrow a twenty. . . Let her go. That man who never has quality time for you. . . Let him Go.  That part-time hustle that has taken away your Me time. . Let it go.  If it does not make your life fulfilled and happy. . Let it Go!
  • This year, I took a good look at the importance of my life. . . . Not three closet full of clothes. . . not 22 pairs of new, not worn shoes under my bed. . . not a new car in the garage. . . hell, I don’t even have a garage anymore.  I found that Peace of mind is of the upmost importance. I want to be comfortable, to enjoy the blessings that I have been given, and not worry about financial burdens or what I cannot fix. I have learned that, life is what you make it and I am enjoying this Life as I have come to know it.

The year is over. Seriously, I remember when summer ended. But what happened to October?? Madam Too Much is a year old next month, but I have been blogging for six years as Kurves over at blogspot.  The bloggy friendships I made over the years have superseded my expectations.  I did not know back in 2010, that I would have friends via blogging. Friends that I would want to meet up for cocktails and spend time with, hopefully in the near future. Thanks for taking the time to read this blog, and for giving me such encouragement in your comments. I truly appreciate YOU and love to see you strut your stuff on any given day.  My wish is that 2017 be Your Best Year Ever!!



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