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On Saturday I started the week long, end of year closing. This year was just as exciting as previous years and full of contentment even with some hiccups along the way. As with every year end closing, the closing agent must review the 12 month period leading up to the year end. Here are the year end closing remarks:2016blue1

  • January reported acquisition of a new health insurance policy. Obamacare to the rescue.
  • February showed no increase or decrease in income.
  • March had substantial increase in income from contributions. And a decrease in apparel spending.
  • No report in May due to a 7 day Caribbean cruise and receipts not available to produce the report.
  • June showed a loss due to increased spending on Cruiseship & Fun in Belize from prior month.


  • July showed a small weight gain due to a fruitful corp of Mangoes.
  • August showed increase in spending via new cellphone.
  • September was a total loss due to an influx of spending at end of season sales + auto expenses which carried over into October.
  • October saw a decrease in income due to increase in Handbag purchases & carry-over.
  • One goal was not met due to an average weight loss of o.0 lbs.
  • There were no profit and loss reports due to the averages of expenses & income being erratic.

Overall, Year 64 was not a total loss and the element of Fun was evident. It appears that more emphasis was placed on entertainment and enjoyed by many. However, the year end shows no carry over funds. This should be corrected going forward. Staggering prices and the GDP did not increase income, therefore there was no cost of living increase. The forecast for the new year will see a decrease in income due to medicare premiums being deducted by the Govt.  Thanks be to God for his Mercies. . .2016blue2

:: DEETS ::

Top – NY & Company
Jeans – Old Navy (Very old)
Handbag –  Kate Landry
Shoes – Kenneth Cole (Old)flowerart10Cheers to a New Year!  BestSignature

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