Lace & Fringe


It’s Olympics time and I am engulfed into two broadcasts rooting for Americas team and my fellow Jamaicans. Since I am a basketball junkie I’m all over the basketball contests and look forward to the finals. There is no way I could talk about the Olympics without the mention of Usain Bolt and cannot wait to see him defend his title at the Track & Field trials. As much as I love Tennis and Soccer they are hard to watch because I do not have the patience to sit for hours in front of the Telly. Now that Golf is also back, if I get bored enough I may watch a few rounds. But Swimming, Gymnastics and Track & Field are must watch TV.

Several months ago inspired by a model wearing fringed hem jeans, I showed the photo to my Niece and decided to DIY a pair of jeans. After making the first pair I wanted one for myself. So, I searched my closet & found a new pair of boyfriend jeans. It took me 15 minutes to rip the seams and cut off the hems. In an hour they were ready for the washer and my fringe jeans were made. It was such a hit that my Sister purchased some jeans she now wants me to fringe. Just about all women who wear jeans love the fringed hem, and recently Glenda at ‘Say what to Twenty’ posted a fabulous photo wearing hers.  If you want to fringe your jeans there are a few DIY videos on YouTube to watch before you pick up the scissors.aep64DI had been looking for a white top to wear for a family photo and strolled into Macy’s last month for underwear. While browsing the juniors department, I found the top I am wearing  at 40% off.  I make it my business to shop all departments in the stores always looking for bargains. Although the top was not on clearance, it was a good fit for me and the lace made it worthy and perfect to wear on Friday night. Yes. . .I am still on the bare shoulders trend and have been for years.aep64F

“Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only,

Fashion is in the Sky, in the Street,

Fashion has to do with with Ideas, The way we Live,

what is Happening”.

~~ Coco Chanel ~~


::  Deets ::

Top – American Rag

Jeans – Old Navy Boyfriend

Shoes – Too Old to call.

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