I am still living the Orange life and plan to wear even more orange this year.  The top I am wearing here, came from Ross and I came upon it by accident.  Every wednesday, I spend the afternoon at a small shopping mall in my town where Ross, TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Old Navy & Target capture my attention. Last month I strolled into Ross & spotted this top mixed in the size small rack. The label read “Vivid Importers of NY” size large for $13.99. Upon further inspection, it became a must have because it’s a soft cotton blend with lots of Crochet, and I love crochet as seen Here.  So, in the basket it went and now on the blog for the first time. It is so easy to wear and I just love it. The shoes are my absolute favorite and have only been worn on the Cruise circuit. They are very comfortable, very Orange. . . very ME.blueorange1

Top: Vivid Importers of NY –  Jeans: Stylus –  Shoes: Nine West


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