"Loosa in Lucia"


St. Lucia is one of the Caribbean islands that is perfect for any type of traveler to visit. The local inhabitants and their blend of French, English, Creole, and Indian culture are diverse, as are the accommodations and attractions available. The Island of St. Lucia is volcanic in origin, and the island’s topography is comprised of rainforests, fertile valleys, sandy beaches, and natural harbors. It is a volcanic mass located in the Windward Islands region. The island has a total area of 237.8 square miles, and is one of the most mountainous islands in the Caribbean. Mount Gimie features the tallest peak, reaching 3,143 feet above sea level.


Due to its location near the equator, St. Lucia’s weather is typically hot and very humid. Temperatures range from averages of 70 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit, with June through August being the hottest months.  With an average of 51 inches of rain on the coast each year, provides a cooling element, and northeast trade winds take the edge off the heat as well. The official currency of St. Lucia is the Eastern Caribbean Dollar (EC$) but the U.S. dollar is widely accepted. The exchange rate is permanently fixed at about EC$2.65 to each US$1.

It’s mostly warm, sunny days allow vacationers more than enough time to get outdoors and explore the island. Many start out their vacation with their toes in the sand or out in the ocean swimming, deep-sea fishing, snorkeling, or diving. All of the beaches are public, but in order to participate in water sports you’ll have to rent equipment or hire a professional to take you out in the ocean. The culture of St. Lucia undoubtedly plays a major role in its popularity. The island’s culture evolved from the influences of highly contrasting groups of people. This diversity of experience draws tourists from across the globe. Indian food, British manners, Caribbean music, and varied languages are all present on the same block, if not in the same building.  And of course Lucians Get Loosah at CARNIVAL.
The St Lucia Carnival takes place July 13-19, & offers visitors the opportunity to live likes locals as they experience a week filled with parties, competitions and exhibitions, such as the King & Queen of the Band competition, Junior Carnival, J’ouvert and the Parade of the Bands.  Jour Ouvert is a wild affair & the city of Castries is transformed into one large street party, where music and dancing are the order of the day.  I have only been to St Lucia once and would love to witness Carnival there.  It’s not too late for you to emerse yourself and get on baad this year, many hotels are offering good packages for Carnival right now.  Get ready for Fun Fun Fun while you get “Loosah in Lucia” with plenty to talk about for years to come.


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