Closet Purge


Closet Purge

Just about everyone these days is talking about a Closet Purge. Mostly because they have limited space and live in seasonal climates. Or have so much that they need to take the winter stuff to storage & take out the summer stuff.  I purge twice a year because I am no longer in the work force and my style is ever evolving. Lately, I find that there are some items that I refuse to part with even though I have no current plans to wear them & will NOT give away.SAM_0517

Not just because of sentimental reasons, but because I cannot replace them and my stores do not carry these brands anymore. Clothing brands like – Alain Weiz; Emma James; Nine West; En Focus; Sunny Leigh; Carole Little; Due Per Due; Tattoo Me; to say the least, are no longer available in my area and I shop in all three counties of South Florida. I get all my clothes at a steal, reduced + discounted prices and never pay full price for anything, so when I find an Alain Weiz dress for $15.00 even if it fits me too tight, it’s mine and I can lose weight.  O.K. . it has been sitting for 3 years now and I have yet to lose the 15 lbs!

The number one rule for a purge is – “If you have not worn it in a year let it go”. . . Hold Up!  The linen dress featured here is a one-of-a-kind I found years ago & made in India. The label says “Just Class” and I can not remember where I got it, but it’s the perfect shade of orange that I love and even though it fits snug it is irreplaceable to me. Yes, it has not been worn this year but I will always make room for this baby.  So, rule #1 does not work for me. To fit all my faves in my closet, I use the one-in-one-out method where I have to give away or sell an item on Poshmark to purchase a new one, and this works best for me. There are so many articles around on this subject:- Spring Clean Closet Tips;  Racked – Rules  and another on Penny Pincher Fashion. One of these should get you started. Kimberly says “Everything in your closet should make you feel Amazing!” is so right & on point.

But with all the rules and instructions around, you still have to do what works best for you. Yes. It is not only a good idea to purge, you also get to shop your closet in the process and fall back in love with that dress. But, since I can no longer buy my favorite designer labels, because even on sale they do not fit into my fixed income budget, I have to re-think this next purge.  And another thing – if I lose more than 20 lbs I would need a new wardrobe and I sure can’t afford to duplicate the one I have now. It took me years to accumulate my favorites so I’m just going to have to watch my weight.  Dang it!!  Purging is a task that I do not take lightly and it usually takes me two days. What about you. . how do you Purge?

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