We’re all familiar with liposuction, butt lifts and lap-band surgery. But there’s another kind of procedure that’s got nothing to do with weight. VAGINOPLASTY is cosmetic surgery for your vagina. It’s not just about making your lady parts prettier (although there is that aspect), but vagino plasty has a real medical and health purpose. Many women who had multiple births tend to experience loose or weakened vaginal muscles that don’t respond to Kegel exercises. Most of whom stated that this negatively affects their enjoyment (and their partner’s enjoyment) of sex. Also known as (vaginal rejuvenation) it is a standard gynecological procedure. This surgery claims to correct the problem of stretched vaginal muscles and gives the woman back her strength and control, which in turn allows for greater sensation. While the surgeon is working, he or she can also do some nip/tuck work on the surrounding soft tissues, reducing excess vaginal mucosa, also known as the vaginal lining. I read that it takes about a month after surgery to return to sexual activity.

Vaginoplasty should not to be confused with Labiaplasty, which is labia reduction. LABIAPLASTY is for women who have a problem with large or asymmetrical labia, the latter a condition where one labia is noticeably larger than the other. This procedure is usually done by laser to change the outward appearance of the labia. New advancements in both vaginoplasty and labiaplasty have shown excellent results in the medical world, and there is typically little pain and scarring. Recovery time is brief. As in all medical procedures everyone is cautioned to do their research and find a competent Doctor before you go all ‘plasty’. I got some of this information from an article out of a magazine sometime ago and just got around to post it here. 

This is just an F. Y. I.

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