Awkward Moments


Just about everyone has moments they would like to forget and hope that others witnessing them will never discuss. A large part of living, is Loving Yourself so that you can Love others and creating a Lovelife with a Mate includes your everything +/-. In the meantime there will always be awkward moments behind closed doors.

Someone Passes Gas

Whoops! If it’s happened to you, take heart. According to experts, the average person passes gas about 15 to 25 times per day, and the friction of sexual intercourse can sometimes increase gas. Next time it occurs, don’t let it kill the mood, says Gilda Carle, PhD a Sex & Relationship expert and author. “Instead, shrug your shoulders, apologize for any foul smell and change the subject,” she says.

Accidental Injury

Ouch! Sex doesn’t have to be classified as rough to lead to injury. Just think: accidental biting, scratching, a jagged toenail that cuts the skin, a pulled muscle, leg cramps, etc. First rule of accidental injury in bed: Get up and deal with it (whether that means taking an aspirin or getting a bandage). Second rule: Laugh it off. According to Dr. Carle, interrupted sex can tell you a lot about your mate. “You’ll see how they deal with interrupted pleasure, and not getting their way,” she says. What say you?

NoteThis post is for your Entertainment  and NOT meant to be Offensive. 

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